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Traffic Website Demonstration

Welcome to our traffic website demonstration.  The website at the link below is fictitious.  It was created as part of a response to an RFP in Florida.  

The website shows a sample of what our web designers can create for your agency.  The site displays traffic cameras, video clips, and data collectors in the form a color coded map.  

We strive to create a website that the end user can self-maintain.  We provide our customers with the tools to create the web content from their existing traffic data and video surveillance systems.  We provide a simple, portable, and expandable website framework to display ITS content.  

Our customers are free to expand their website with new maps and cameras.  If needed the website can be moved to different brands of web servers such as Apache.  We believe that our customers will want to modify and enhance their traffic websites without contracting out every change.  There are no requirements to call our staff back to the project to expand your website.  

ForbiSoft can build web service feeds from your existing traffic data.  Using Microsoft .NET technology is just one way ForbiSoft can fill your web service requirements.  ForbiSoft has designed self-contained customized web service software that does not rely on any Microsoft engine or framework.  The benefits of a customized application are simply performance and security.  

If you would like more information or to discuss a specific project please contact our technical staff at:


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