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The DIBDemo program demonstrates the ForbiSoft DIB library.  This library loads most DIB (BMP) files including run length encoded (RLE) files.  Microsoft does not provide native support for RLE on any of the current Windows CE platforms (including Pocket PC 2002).  

The demonstration program  also shows how to load Device Independent Bitmaps and display them in a window with proportional scroll bars.  Many other programming techniques are also demonstrated by the program.  The source code for DIBDemo will compile and run on all versions of Microsoft Windows (95,98,NT,2000,ME,XP).  DIBDemo also compiles and runs on all of the Microsoft Windows CE simulators.  The code has been tested on the HP Jornada 720 (H/PC2000) and the HP Jornada 568 (Pocket PC 2002).  If you are using a Pocket PC be sure to check out the RLE encoded samples on your existing (native) image viewer (you won't be able to see them without the DIBDemo!).  

Click here to download the latest copy of the ForbiSoft DIBDemo



The ToolTipDemo program demonstrates the ForbiSoft ToolTip library.  This library provides a simple way to display tool tip style popup windows.  The library supports changing the font, text color, background color and offset of the popup window.  Your program is in complete control of the text, visibility, and position of the window.  The Microsoft tooltip control requires that you register the tool windows or rectangles.  If you want to use polygons or other regions, you can't use the standard tooltip control.  The ForbiSoft library is shipped as source code, you just include the source files into your project and add #include "tooltip.h".  The code was compiled into the demo programs and tested on Microsoft Windows (95,98,NT,2000,ME,XP) and on Pocket PC 2002.  The free source code does not include the ForbiSoft ToolTip library.  The code examples do show how to find a point in a polygon, and process mouse messages, and use the ToolTip library.  

Click here to download the latest copy of the ForbiSoft ToolTipDemo



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